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15 Reasons Why Silver Charms for Bracelets Are Popular

There are two things about fashion that are undeniable, the first is that it's all about your personality. You can be who you want to be through fashion and tell whatever story you want. The second is that fashion doesn’t have to break the bank. Jewelry is no exception and it's definitely an extension of fashion, and how you express yourself. The luxury of good jewelry was once only possible through gold but it's an expensive option. If you wanted to go in a less expensive direction, then there is copper or stainless steel, but they are a cheap product that sometimes leaves a very unfashionable stain on your skin. Then sterling silver came along and brands like Pandora began to offer customized and inexpensive ways for women to reflect their personality and style with sterling silver charms for bracelets. Now, there are even more new jewelry brands giving you access to new designed charms compatible with Pandora. You may be familiar with the charms, but the wide variety will astonish you. We compiled a list to reveal the most popular reasons to buy these 'little' sterling silver charms that will leave you convinced that their popularity is here to stay. As a charm store, gives you access to buy sterling silver charms for your charm bracelets at affordable prices. Get ready to be convinced!


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1. Delight in any color of the rainbow!

Matching your outfit to your accessory doesn't stop at purses and shoes. A charm can easily tie an outfit together. You can go bold with an electric blue to stand out and be noticed or go for a more subtle soft pink. Whichever direction, your charms can be customized to be fun, colorful and an extension of your personality. A perfect addition to tie your look together.


color tone charms 1

color tone charms 2


2. Everlasting memory of love.

Whether it's a partner, a friend, or a parent you have special people in your life that mean the world to you. Charms commemorate people you love and bring out those feelings. Every time you catch a glimpse of the charm, you're reminded of how much you care for them and love each other. It's one of the ever-lasting reasons people gift or buy jewelry. A small token to remind you of them and the love you share. 


person charms


3. Who's your furry friend?

That adorable little charm of your favorite animal tells the world whether you're a "cat" or "dog" person or anything in between. The "charming" gems satisfy the most avid animal lover. They dangle from your charm bracelet, reminding you of your beloved pet. On the other hand, your charm may evoke your spirit animal sharing with the world your personality and connection to them. 


animal charms


4. Inspired by your wanderlust travels.

A memorable trip will always bring a smile to your face. Why not bring that smile back and recollect on those special moments with a charm of a favorite landmark. It's a wonderful way to share your experience with the world and perhaps even have the opportunity to start a conversation with a friend about why it's near and dear to your heart.  


city charms


5. Joyful hobbies you love.

Your experience, hobbies, and interests are part of what define you. It may be a newfound passion or one you grew up with. No doubt a charm about how you spend your time becomes an homage to what you love to do. Whether it's dancing, sports, or the arts you'll be sure to find a charm that represents part of what makes you, you, in a way that tells your story perfectly. 


hobby charms


6. You're a kid at heart.

Only a die-hard fan of a beloved character knows how much they are connected to their story. Maybe you love Disney, or Harry Potter or the Star Wars saga whichever lures you in passionately, you know is powerful and everlasting. It's a love that you will share and feel forever. A charm with your favorite character can only reinforce that magic you feel.


character charms


7. Bring on the festivities.

Your favorite holiday can bring a feeling of enchantment, wonder, laughter, and an all-around excitement as that day nears. Whether it's the magic of Christmas, the spirit of Halloween, or the special feeling of your birthday, there is nothing quite like your favorite day of the year that makes you want to celebrate. A charm that represents that day will keep you remembering that feeling all year long.


festival charms


8. Pick a theme, any theme.

In the same way you put thought into the design and aesthetic of your home, with your charm bracelet you can easily reflect and create your favorite themes to express your feelings, likes, and desires. You can create a customized theme about the things that may be important to you or perhaps you just really like them. The ocean, flowers, travel whatever they may be, you will surely have a magnificent time creating a charm bracelet that warms your heart.


theme charms


9. Now I know my ABCs.

Alphabet charms are a perfect way to customize the exact feelings you have on your mind. Whether fun and flirty or deep and meaningful, you have so much to choose from to help create a bracelet that is unique and significant to you. However, you prefer to express yourself, words are powerful and personify whatever you want. 


alphabet charms


10. A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Believing in the symbol of a wish or dream can be deeply rooted in your faith, hope, and future. Whether it's a four-leaf clover, a dreamcatcher, or the wish and dream that you have for yourself like being financially successful, you can find a charm that reflects those feelings you have inside. A charm that provides you with security and reminds you every day to hold on to that belief and dream.


wish charms


11. A quote to live by.

Maybe it's an anthem for how you live your life, or a quote that you are deeply moved by either way a charm engraved with a quote is a simple and beautiful reminder of the inspiration that you see when you read those words. The quote can mean everything to you and having a personalized engraved charm with it would be a fitting representation for you.  


quote charms


12. Be a trend-setter!

Take your most-loved fashion trend and turn it into a charm. Obsessed with tassels? Gaga for glitter? Can't get enough of the vintage design? Extend your look to your charms. A plethora of fashion choices await, and the sky is the limit to how you want to design your bracelet charm to extend your fashionable moments.


fashion charms


13. No one will be asking "Who's that girl?"

What's your obsession? Are you in love with what you do and want to support your profession? Or maybe you need to shout from the rooftops that you're the #1 fan of your hometown sports team? Or maybe your astrological sign is Gemini and you are exactly that person and you want everyone to know it. Whatever you are infatuated with, find a charm that tells people who you are. It will only solidify the story of what you love.


profession charms


14. Collectibles aren't just for cups.

The collectible charm can be near and dear to your heart. They are often limited editions that appear for a brief moment and then quickly disappear. They can be fun to collect and keep your attention as you wait expectedly for the next charm to be announced. Once you start collecting, it is easy to get enthralled in the anticipation of what will be coming out next. A collectible charm is a perfectly delightful and captivating hobby.


collection charms


15. Of course you're fun!

Whether it’s the whimsical amusement of a circus or a perfectly expressive emoji, your humor and fun-natured charm will keep you smiling all day. These charms are lighthearted and conjure up feelings of creativity, and a cheekiness that defines who you are inside and out. 


fund charms 1

fun charms 2


In conclusion:

The eclectic, signature looks that can be created with charms are endless. With such a variety to choose from you can curate, cultivate and design countless possibilities to effortlessly reflect who you are. You have a story and bracelets with sterling silver charms are personalized, affordable, fashionable, and always beautiful jewelry that gives you a chance to express to the world and yourself who you are. The choices of charms are limitless and there is no doubt you can find ones that are significant and unique to you creating a fashionable, memorable and story-filled bracelet.  

So, if you are someone that is looking for a way to express your unique personality and life story, charms like the ones at the Litita Charms store make for the most beautiful and affordable fashion statement to fit your style and budget. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or want to treat yourself, there is no denying the fact that sterling silver charms are a classic staple in your jewelry collection that will last for years.